Welcome to Tahoe Beach Club!

An alpine oasis, where each and every season can be enjoyed to the fullest. Our year-round community caters to the snow bunny and the beach dweller, the thrill seeker and the zen master. There is so much to explore in Lake Tahoe, our Beach Club alone offering plenty of activity to get started. 

Nowhere else on Lake Tahoe will you find a comparison. Simply, there is just nothing else like Tahoe Beach Club. If you’re newly following us, Tahoe Beach Club completed Phase 1 residences from late 2019-2020. Our 30,000+ square foot lakefront Beach Club opened just last year, over Fourth of July weekend, with the completion of the first phase of residences following shortly after. We are so excited to finally be able to showcase the beauty of the property. 

We released Phase 2 for sale in August of 2020, and building will recommence in May of this year. With a third and final phase, our community will eventually have 146 residences. 

With this blog we will showcase the many facets of the Beach Club, and hope to inspire your next venture in the woods or on the lake. In addition, we will address many of our frequently asked questions like, “Are you in Nevada?” (And yes! We are located in tax-friendly Nevada). 

Upcoming posts: 

– Phase 2: What you need to know

– An in depth look at TBC amenities 

– Local Neighborhood 

– Spring in Tahoe

– Nevada Tax Advantages

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