Our residents choose Tahoe Beach Club for its location, its amenities, and its tax advantages. But just like the lake that sits right outside their doorsteps, it goes much deeper than that. Watch the videos below to find out firsthand why they are all loving their lives here at the beach.

Ryan and Brianne Grant

Tahoe Beach Club Residents

With busy lives and two young children, finding a place that allowed for quality family time was key for the Grants. Watch their story to see how they found exactly what they were looking for here at Tahoe Beach Club.

Gary and Cheryl Williams

Tahoe Beach Club Residents

When the Williams first saw Tahoe Beach Club, it took their breath away. Learn why they love spending their retirement years at home here, and why they intend to keep it in the family generations to come.

Jeff Weiner

Tahoe Beach Club Resident

Jeff was looking for a place to live that didn’t have state income tax, and was away from the hustle and bustle of the city. See how he found the perfect change of pace, and so much more, here at Tahoe Beach Club.


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