tahoe beach club lawsuit tax appeal on vacant land

Tahoe Beach Club Lawsuit? Or is it…

Understanding the Tahoe Beach Club Tax Appeal 

In recent months, our sales team has fielded questions from prospective purchasers regarding a Tahoe Beach Club lawsuit. We realized these questions were in reference to an article published by the local paper, Tahoe Daily Tribune, in which they reported on our tax appeal with Douglas County. If googling “Tahoe Beach Club”, one may notice a Google suggested search of “ Tahoe Beach Club lawsuit ”.  So let’s clear this up…

There is no Tahoe Beach Club lawsuit regarding property taxes.

There is a tax appeal. 

We’d like to take a moment to share what the tax appeal means and how it has zero impact on our current homeowners as well as future purchasers at Tahoe Beach Club. 

In June of 2020, the Tahoe Beach Club development team received a tax bill that assessed vacant parcels on our property at ten times the rate of comparable land in our area.  The development team paid the tax bill in full, however, they also filed a tax appeal in February 2021 with Douglas County Assessor’s office which is the first step in appealing a tax bill.   

As anticipated by our development team, the first appeal to the local tax board was denied.  This enabled them to take the next step which is to appeal to the State Board of Equalization.

What happens to our current and future residents if we lose the tax appeal? Nothing. We’ve already paid our taxes. Our homeowners are not responsible for taxes paid by the developer on parcels of land they do not own.  Our development team continues to move forward.

What happens to our current and future residents if we win the tax appeal?  Nothing.  Again, our homeowners are not responsible for taxes paid by the development team.   

This tax appeal is nothing more than prudent business practice performed by our development team with over 30 years of experience.  



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